Pure storage volume allocation procedure in cli

Pure Storage LUN/volume allocation procedure

  • Host WWPN
  • Required capacity
  • Host operating system
Pre checks
  • Available free space in pure
  • Host connection status

Please make sure zoning is completed between the host and pure storage.

Please follow the below links for zoning.

How to do zoning in Brocade switch
How to do zoning in Cisco MDS SAN switches


Create a host

purehost create --wwnlist XX:00:00:XX:b5:bb:XX:93,XX:00:00:XX:b5:bb:XX:92 host_name

Set host type (Example: solaris/linux/windows/ESXi)

purehost setattr --personality "linux" host_name

Create a new volume

purevol create --size 100G volume_name

Connect volume to host

purehost connect --vol volume_name host_name

Pure storage volume allocation to ESX cluster

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