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How to enable dynamic tiering on DP pools in Hitachi VSP

In the Storage System on the left pane of the top window, select Pool. From the Pools on right, select the pool you want to change to the Dynamic Tiering setting. Click More Actions & select...

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What is Meta_resource in Hitachi VSP, USP & HUS?

The meta_resource is a resource group combined with additional resources (except external volumes) and the existing resources in the storage system before the Resource Partition Manager is installed. Initially, existing resources belong to the...

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What is SSID in Hitachi VSP?

Hitachi storage array is configured with one SSID (Storage System ID) for each group of 64 or 256 devices. One of four SSIDs will be for one CU image. Each SSID must be unique...

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How to download Audit log files in Hitachi VSP through Storage Navigator

We can download audit log and syslog files to Storage Navigator computer or transfer audit log files to FTP servers or syslog servers. Always download audit log files once they reached their threshold limit...

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