How to expand LDEV capacity in Hitachi VSP

  1. In the Storage Navigator main window, in the Storage Systems tree, select Pool. The pool name appears below Pool.
  2. Select the pool associated with the DP-VOL that has the capacity that you want to increase.
  3. Select the Virtual Volumes
  4. From the table, select the DP-VOL with the capacity you want to increase.
  5. Click Expand V-VOLs.
    The Expand V-VOLs window opens. If the DP-VOL is selected from the LDEV table in the Logical Devices window, click More Actions, and then click Expand V-VOLs.
  6. In Capacity, type the capacity amount.
    You can enter the LDEV capacity to two decimal places within the range of values indicated below the text box.
  7. Click Finish.
    The Confirm window opens.
  8. In the Confirm window, confirm the settings,  click Apply.

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