What is Zoning?


Zoning means restricting to scope of an initiator (host) to particular target (storage array) in fabric. An initiator can see only the devices from particular storage array which is zoned to it.

Zoning provides security to data by restricting the unauthorized access at switch level.

A zone is a logical path between two devices which makes a communication between two devices.

Zoning illustrated below with an example.



  1. In above diagram, Server A and Storage A are same zone called Zone 1. Server A can see devices only from Storage A. It cannot see any devices form Storage B and Storage C since its scope is restricted to Storage A only.
  2. In Zone 2, Server B, server C, Server D and storage B are added. So Server B, server C, Server D can access devices from storage B.
  3. Server E, Server F and Storage C are zoned together. So these servers can see devices from Storage C.

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