What are the well known addresses in Fibre Channel?

A well-known address is a reserved address for each Fibre channel service. Each address provides it’s respective service.

Well known addresses and its services are

AddressService NameFunction
FFFFFEFabric loginFabric login server assigns a fabric address to newly connected devices, which allows to communicate with other devices which is called FCID.
FFFFFCDirectory server / Name serverDirectory server/Name server registers newly connected devices. It gives entry in name server.

Conduct quires to discover other devices in fabric.

FFFFFDFabric controllerIt is responsible for providing state change notifications(SCN)s to registered devices/nodes when a change is fabric topology
FFFFFBTime ServerTime server sends time to all switches in fabric and maintains time synchronization.
FFFFFAManagement serverManagement server provides single point of contact for managing the fabric.
FFFFF8Alias ServerAlias server is responsible for creating and managing alias names for fabric nodes/devices.
FFFFFFBroadcast serverResponsible for broadcasting to all N ports and NL ports.

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