How to take backup of Brocade Switch configuration file in local server?

Configuration file contains all zoning information and configuration settings of fabric.

  • To take backup of configuration file first login into Switch by using admin account
  • Give configupload command
  • It will ask you host details in which server you want to save configuration file.
switch:admin> configupload
Protocol (scp, ftp, sftp, local) [ftp]: ftp
Server Name or IP Address [host]:
User Name [user]: root
Path/Filename [<home dir>/config.txt]: /usr/local/storage/switch/switchconfig.txt
Section (all|chassis|FID# [all]): all
username@'s password:
Password: XXXXXXXX
configUpload complete
  • Protocol – select ftp
  • Ip address – Give IP address of server in which you want to save the configuration file
  • User name: user name of server
  • Path/Filename: provide the file path where you want save configuration file
  • Section – choose all
  • Password: password of username
  • Now a text file will be generated in the provided path in server

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