All Brocade SAN switch commands

S.No Command Description
1 aaaconfig Configure RADIUS for AAA services
2 ad Specifies all administration domain (AD)-level operations
3 ag Configure the Access Gateway feature
4 agautomapbalance Configure the Access Gateway automapbalance feature
5 agshow Displays the Access Gateway information registered with the fabric
6 agtcfgdefault Reset SNMP agent to factory default
7 aliadd Add a member to a zone alias
8 alicreate Create a zone alias
9 alidelete Delete a zone alias
10 aliremove Remove a member from a zone alias
11 alishow Print zone alias information
12 apploginhistory Used to how the login history of external applications
13 aptpolicy Get and set Advanced Performance Tuning policy
14 auditcfg Modifies and displays audit log filter configuration.
15 auditdump Display audit log
16 authutil Get and set authentication configuration
17 bannerset Set security banner
18 bannershow Display security banner
19 bcastshow Display broadcast routing information
20 bladecfggemode Configure 1GigE/10GigE port configuration for blade
21 bladedisable Disables all user ports on a blade.
22 bladeenable Enables all User Ports on a blade.
23 bladeswap Swaps area numbers for all ports on a blade
24 bootluncfg Configure boot LUN for an HBA
25 bottleneckmon Configure port bottleneck monitor
26 bpportloopbacktest Functional test of port via blade processor path.
27 bpturboramtest MBIST test for AP blade BP ASICs
28 bufopmode Configure buffer credit model
29 ceeportledtest Cycle user port LEDs.
30 ceeportloopbacktest Functional test of port N->N path.
31 ceeturboramtest MBIST test for ASICs
32 cfgactvshow Display Effective zone configuration information
33 cfgadd Add a member to a configuration
34 cfgclear Clear all zone configurations
35 cfgcreate Create a zone configuration
36 cfgdelete Delete a zone configuration
37 cfgdisable Disable a zone configuration
38 cfgenable Enable a zone configuration
39 cfgmcdtmode Configure legacy MCDT zoning behavior
40 cfgremove Remove a member from a configuration
41 cfgsave Save zone configurations in flash
42 cfgsaveactivetodefined Moves the effective configuration to the defined configuration
43 cfgshow Print zone configuration information
44 cfgsize Print size details of zone database
45 cfgtransabort Abort zone configuration transaction
46 cfgtransshow Print zone configurations in transaction buffer
47 chassisbeacon Set chassis beacon on or off
48 chassisconfig Display or set the chassis configuration
49 chassisdisable Disable all ports in chassis
50 chassisdistribute Distributes data to physical chassis in a fabric
51 chassisenable Enable all ports in chassis
52 chassisname Display or set the chassis’s Name
53 chassisshow Display all Field Replaceable Units (FRU)
54 clihistory Displays a log of most recently executed CLI commands
55 cmsh Start CEE Management Shell
56 configdefault Reset config to factory default
57 configdownload Load switch config from a server
58 configlist List the stored config files
59 configremove Remove a stored config file
60 configshow Print switch config parameters
61 configupload Save switch config to a server
62 configure Set logical switch config parameters
63 configurechassis Set chassis config parameters
64 cryptocfg Configure encryption node functions
65 datatypeshow Display available diagnostic data types.
66 date Print/set the system date and time
67 dbgshow Display debug levels of various modules
68 defzone Activates or deactivates a default zone configuration.
69 diagclearerror Clears diagnostics failure status.
70 diagdisablepost Disable diagnostic POST.
71 diagenablepost Enable diagnostic POST.
72 diaghelp Display diagnostic command descriptions.
73 diagpost Displays the contents of port registers and memories.
74 diagretry Sets diagnostic retry mode
75 diagshow Display diagnostic status.
76 diagstatus Display currently running diagnostic tests.
77 distribute Distributes data to switches in a fabric.
78 dlsreset Configure dynamic load sharing (DLS) option
79 dlsset Configure dynamic load sharing (DLS) option
80 dlsshow Display the state of the dynamic load sharing option
81 dnsconfig Configure DNS service
82 enclosureshow Display the switch enclosure attributes
83 errclear Clear error log
84 errdelimiterset Sets the error log start and end delimiter for messages sent to the console and syslog.
85 errdump Print error log (no page breaks)
86 errfilterset Sets a filter for an error log destination
87 errmoduleshow Displays all the defined modules in the system
88 errshow Print error log
89 fabportshow Display contents of a particular port’s data
90 fabretryshow Display retry count of various fabric commands
91 fabriclog Displays or manipulates the fabric log
92 fabricprincipal Configure Principal Switch Selection mode
93 fabricshow Print fabric membership info
94 fabstatsshow Displays the fabric statistics information
95 fabswitchshow Display fabric switch state information
96 fandisable Disables a fan unit.
97 fanenable Enables a fan unit.
98 fanshow Print fan status
99 fastboot Reboot this switch and bypass POST
100 fastwritecfg Configure FC fastwrite feature
101 fcipchiptest Functional Test of Components in FCIP Complex.
102 fciphelp Print FCIP help info
103 fcipledtest Cycle user port LEDs.
104 fcippathtest Data Path Test of the FCIP complex.
105 fclunquery Display a list of LUNs of FC target(s).
106 fcoe Displays and configures FCoE ports FIP and fcmap configurations.
107 fcoelogincfg Enable/Disable Save or display FCoE login configuration.
108 fcoelogingroup Creates or modifies FCoE login configuration
109 fcping Sends a FC ELS ECHO request to a port
110 fcplogclear Clear the FCP log
111 fcplogdisable Disable logging of FCP events
112 fcplogenable Enable logging of FCP events
113 fcplogshow Display FCP probing log information
114 fcpprobeshow Display FCP probing information
115 fcprlsshow Display FCP RLS (read link state) information
116 fcrbcastconfig Configure interfabric broadcast frame forwarding
117 fcrchiptest Functional Test of FCR FPGA.
118 fcrconfigure Sets FC Router configuration parameters.
119 fcredgeshow Displays FIDs assigned to defined EX_Port
120 fcrfabricshow Displays FC Routers on a backbone fabric.
121 fcrlsan Configure LSAN policies
122 fcrlsancount Display maximum LSAN zone limit.
123 fcrlsanmatrix Manage LSAN fabric matrix configuration.
124 fcrpathtest Data Path Test on Connection between FCR FPGA and Central ASIC.
125 fcrphydevshow Displays FC Router physical device information.
126 fcrproxyconfig Displays or configures proxy devices presented by an FC Router.
127 fcrproxydevshow Displays FC Router proxy device information.
128 fcrresourceshow Displays FC Router physical resource usage.
129 fcrrouterportcost Modify FC Router port cost configuration.
130 fcrrouteshow Displays FC Router route information.
131 fcrxlateconfig Displays or persistently configures a translate (xlate) domain’s domain ID for both EX_Port-attached fabric and backbone fabric.
132 fddcfg fddcfg manages the fabric data distribution configuration parameters.
133 fdmicacheshow Display abbreviated remote FDMI device information according to remote domain ID.
134 fdmishow Display detailed FDMI device information
135 ficoncfg Manage FICON configuration
136 ficonclear Clears contents of the specified FICON management database
137 ficoncupset Sets FICON-CUP parameters for a switch
138 ficoncupshow Displays FICON-CUP parameters for a switch
139 ficonhelp Displays FICON commands
140 ficonshow Displays contents of the specified FICON management database.
141 fipscfg Configure FIPS mode operation
142 firmwarecommit Commit firmware to stable storage
143 firmwaredownload Download firmware into switch
144 firmwaredownloadstatus Display the progress and status of firmwareDownload
145 firmwarekeyshow Manage the keys used to check firmware signatures
146 firmwarekeyupdate Manage the keys used to check firmware signatures
147 firmwarerestore Restore the old firmware in the switch
148 firmwareshow Display firmware versions in the switch
149 fmconfig Configure Frame Monitors
150 fosconfig Enable/disable FabOS services
151 fosexec Invoke command in alternate VF context
152 framerpathtest Tests data path between ASICs
153 frureplace Replace a Field Replaceable Unit
154 fspfshow Print FSPF global information
155 fwalarmsfilterset Configure alarms filtering for Fabric Watch
156 fwalarmsfiltershow Show alarms filtering for Fabric Watch
157 fwclassinit Initialize all Fabric Watch classes
158 fwconfigreload Reload Fabric Watch configuration
159 fwconfigure Configure Fabric Watch
160 fwfrucfg Configure FRU state and notification
161 fwhelp Print Fabric Watch help info
162 fwmailcfg Configure Fabric Watch Email Alert
163 fwportdetailshow Create a report with detailed port information
164 fwsamshow Show availability monitor information
165 fwset Set port persistence time
166 fwsettocustom Set boundary & alarm level to custom
167 fwsettodefault Set boundary & alarm level to default
168 fwshow Show thresholds monitored and port persistence time
169 grep Linux grep command
170 h Print shell history
171 hadisable Disables the High Availability feature in the switch.
172 hadump Displays information about the status of the High Availability feature in the switch.
173 haenable Enables the High Availability feature in the switch
174 hafailover Forces the failover mechanism so that the Standby Control Processor (CP)becomes the Active CP.
175 hashow Displays control processor (CP) status
176 hasyncstart Enables HA state synchronization.
177 hasyncstop Disables the HA state synchronization.
178 help Print this list
179 historylastshow Displays last history record
180 historymode Display or set the mode of the history log
181 historyshow Displays entire history log
182 i Display process summary
183 iclcfg Configure ICL state
184 ifmodeset Set the link operating mode for a network interface
185 ifmodeshow Display the link operating mode for a network interface
186 interfaceshow Display the FSPF (TM) interface information
187 interopmode Displays/enables/disables Brocade switch interoperability with switches from other manufacturers
188 ioddelayreset Configure in-order-delivery (IOD) delay parameter
189 ioddelayshow Configure in-order-delivery (IOD) delay parameter
190 iodreset Turn off the in-order delivery (IOD) option
191 iodset Manage the in-order delivery (IOD) option
192 iodshow Display the state of the in-order delivery option
193 ipaddrset Set Ethernet and FC IP addresses
194 ipaddrshow Print Ethernet and FC IP addresses
195 ipfilter Manage/display IP filters
196 ipsecconfig Configure IPSec feature
197 iscsicfg Manage/display all iscsi configuration including authentication/virtual targets/discovery domains.
198 iscsichiptest Functional Test of Components in iSCSI Complex.
199 iscsihelp Print iSCSI help info
200 iscsipathtest Data Path Test through iSCSI complex.
201 iscsiportcfg Manage/display iscsi protocol related port configuration including negotiated parameters/port statistics/current sessions.
202 iscsisessioncfg Manage/display iscsi session information.
203 iscsiswcfg Manage/display iscsi switch configuration parameters.
204 iscsitargetname Change/display iscsi target name prefix.
205 islshow Display the current connections and status
206 isnsccfg Displays or modifies the configuration state of the iSNS client operation.
207 killtelnet Terminate telnet/serial login sessions interactively.
208 ldapcfg Configure LDAP role mapping
209 ledtest Cycle system LEDs.
210 lfcfg Configure logical fabrics
211 lfexec Invoke command in alternate VF context
212 licenseadd Adds license keys to switch
213 licensehelp Print license help info
214 licenseidshow Displays the system license ID
215 licenseport Configure per-port POD license assignments
216 licenseremove Removes a license key from this system
217 licenseshow Displays current license keys
218 licenseslotcfg Configure licenses on a slot basis
219 linkcost Set or print the FSPF cost of a link
220 login Login as a new user
221 logout Logout from remote session
222 lsanzoneshow Displays logical SAN zone information.
223 lscfg Configure logical switches
224 lsdbshow Displays the FSPF link state database
225 memshow Display memory usage in the system.
226 minispropshow Displays ASIC pair properties.
227 more Linux more command
228 mscapabilityshow Display Management Server Capability.
229 msconfigure Configure Management Server
230 msfr Create a MSFR Zone
231 msplatshow Display the Management Server Platform Database
232 msplatshowdbcb Display the Management Server Database Control Block
233 msplcleardb Clear the Management Server Platform Database fabric-wide
234 msplmgmtactivate Activate the Management Server Platform Database fabric wide
235 msplmgmtdeactivate To deactivate the Management Server Platform Database fabric wide.
236 mstddisable Disables the Management Server Topology Discovery Management Service.
237 mstdenable Enables the Management Server Topology Discovery Management Service
238 mstdreadconfig Display status of Management Server Topology Discovery Service.
239 myid Display the current login session details.
240 nbrstateshow Display FSPF (TM) neighbors’ states
241 nbrstatsclear Reset the FSPF (TM) interface counters
242 netstat Display network connections and statistics
243 nodefind Display all the devices’ PID matching the given world wide name
244 nsaliasshow Display local Name Server information with Aliases
245 nsallshow Print global Name Server information
246 nscamshow Print local Name Server Cache information
247 nsshow Print local Name Server information
248 nszonemember To display the information of all the online wwpns which are zoned with the given wwpn.
249 openfr Create a MSFR Zone
250 opensource Display information on open source software utilized in FabOS
251 passwd Set usernames and passwords
252 passwdcfg passwdcfg manages the password policies.
253 pathinfo Display routing information between two ports
254 pdshow Show information from Panic Dump file
255 perfaddeemonitor Add end-to-end monitor
256 perfaddipmonitor Add monitor for IP traffic frame count
257 perfaddreadmonitor Add filter-based monitor – SCSI Read
258 perfaddrwmonitor Add monitor – SCSI Read and Write
259 perfaddscsimonitor Add monitor for SCSI frame count
260 perfaddusermonitor Add filter-based monitor
261 perfaddwritemonitor Add filter-based monitor – SCSI Write
262 perfcfgclear Clear Performance settings from FLASH
263 perfcfgrestore Restore Performance configuration from FLASH
264 perfcfgsave Save Performance configuration to FLASH
265 perfclearalpacrc Clears the CRC error count associated with a port and Arbitrated Loop Physical Address (AL_PA).
266 perfcleareemonitor Clears statistics counters of one or more end-to-end performance monitors.
267 perfclearfiltermonitor Clears counters of one or more filter-based performance monitors.
268 perfdeleemonitor Delete end-to-end monitor
269 perfdelfiltermonitor Delete filter-based monitor
270 perfhelp Print Performance Monitoring help info
271 perfmonitorclear Clear end-to-end/filter-based/ISL monitors
272 perfmonitorshow Show end-to-end/filter-based/ISL monitors
273 perfresourceshow Show monitor availability
274 perfsetporteemask Set overall mask for end-to-end monitors
275 perfshowalpacrc Get ALPA CRC count by port and ALPA
276 perfshoweemonitor Show user-defined end-to-end monitors
277 perfshowfiltermonitor Show filter-based monitors
278 perfshowporteemask Show the current end-to-end mask
279 perfttmon Configure bandwidth usage monitor
280 ping Display the link operating mode for a network interface
281 ping6 Display the link operating mode for a network interface
282 pkicreate Creates public key infrastructure (PKI) objects
283 pkiremove Removes existing public key infrastructure (PKI) objects.
284 pkishow Displays existing public key infrastructure (PKI) objects
285 policy Configure IPSec encryption and authentication algorithms
286 portaddress Configure low 16 bits of Fibre Channel Port ID
287 portalpashow Show the ALPAs of a port
288 portbeacon Enable or disable port beacon
289 portbuffershow Print the buffer allocations for the ports of a quad
290 portcamshow Display filter utilization
291 portcfg Create/Delete a new ip interface/route/arp entry on the GigE port
292 portcfgalpa Set AL_PA to 0x0 (default) or 0x13
293 portcfgautodisable Configure auto disable
294 portcfgcreditrecovery Configure credit recovery
295 portcfgdefault Restore the port configuration to defaults
296 portcfgeport Enable/Disable a port from becoming E_Port
297 portcfgexport Sets a port to be an EX_Port and sets and displays EX_Port configuration parameters.
298 portcfgfillword Configure a port to a particular fill word
299 portcfgfportbuffers Configure F_Port buffers
300 portcfggemediatype Configure media type for GigE port
301 portcfggport Lock a port as a G_Port
302 portcfgislmode Configure a port to be ISL R_RDY Mode enabled/disabled
303 portcfglongdistance Configure a Long Distance Port
304 portcfglosstov Configure frontend port signal debounce
305 portcfglport Lock a port as a L_Port
306 portcfgnpivport . Configure NPIV functionality on a port
307 portcfgnport Enable/disable N_Port capability for a port
308 portcfgpersistentdisable Persistently disable a port
309 portcfgpersistentenable Enable a persistently disabled port
310 portcfgqos Configure QoS feature
311 portcfgshow Displays port configuration settings.
312 portcfgspeed Configure a port to a particular speed level
313 portcfgtrunkport Configure a port for trunking
314 portcfgvexport Configure VEX_Port connected to FC-IP and sets and displays VEX_Port configuration parameters.
315 portcmd Execute commands (ping etc) on the GigE port
316 portdebug Set debug level and verbosity level of port modules
317 portdisable Disable a specified port
318 portenable Enable a specified port
319 porterrshow Print port error summary
320 portfencing Configure Fabric Watch port fencing feature
321 portflagsshow Display the port status bitmaps of all ports in a switch
322 portledtest Cycle user port LEDs.
323 portlogclear Clear port activity log
324 portlogconfigshow Display portlog configuration
325 portlogdisable Disable portlog facility
326 portlogdump Print port log (no page breaks)
327 portlogdumpport Print port log (no page breaks)
328 portlogenable Enables port log facility
329 portlogeventshow Display information about port log events
330 portloginshow Display port login information
331 portlogpdisc Set or clear the debug_pdisc_flag
332 portlogreset Enable portlog facility
333 portlogresize Resize the port log
334 portlogshow Print port activity log
335 portlogshowport Print port activity log
336 portlogtypedisable Disable port logging
337 portlogtypeenable Enable port logging
338 portloopbacktest Functional test of port N->N path.
339 portmirror Set a port’s configuration to be disabled or enabled
340 portname Assign or display the name associated with a port
341 portperfshow Print port throughput numbers
342 portrouteshow Display various routing tables for a port
343 portshow Show configured ip interfaces/routes/arp entries on the GigE Port
344 portstats64show Display the 64-bit hardware statistics for a port
345 portstatsclear Clear the status of a specified switch port
346 portstatsshow Print hardware statistics
347 portswap Swaps area numbers
348 portswapdisable Disable portswap feature
349 portswapenable Enable portswap feature
350 portswapshow Display port and area information
351 porttest Functional test on a live fabric. Starts porttest.
352 porttestshow Retrieve information from porttest.
353 portthconfig Configure Fabric Watch port threshold monitor
354 porttrunkarea Configure area trunking
355 portzoneshow Displays the enforced zone type of the F/FL-ports of a switch
356 powerofflistset sets slot power off list order
357 powerofflistshow Displays slot power-off order.
358 psshow Print power supply status
359 reboot Reboot this processor
360 routehelp Print routing help info
361 saschiptest Functional Test of Components in SAS Complex.
362 saspathtest Data Path Test of the SAS complex.
363 secactivesize Displays size of the active (security) database
364 secauthcertificate Configure FCAP switch certificate properties
365 secauthsecret Creates/Manages DHCHAP secret key details
366 seccertutil Creates/Manages/Displays third party PKI certificates
367 secdefinesize Displays size of the defined (security) database
368 secglobalshow Displays current internal security state information
369 sechelp Displays information about security commands
370 secpolicyabort Aborts changes to defined policy
371 secpolicyactivate Activates all policy sets
372 secpolicyadd Adds members to an existing policy
373 secpolicycreate Creates a new policy
374 secpolicydelete Deletes an existing policy
375 secpolicydump Displays all members of existing policies
376 secpolicyfcsmove Moves a member in the FCS policy
377 secpolicyremove Removes members from an existing policy
378 secpolicysave Saves defined policy set and sends to all switches
379 secpolicyshow Shows members of one or more policies
380 secstatsreset Resets security statistics
381 secstatsshow Displays security statistics
382 sensorshow Display sensor readings
383 serdestunemode Configure serdes tuning mode
384 setdbg Set debug level of the specified module
385 setmodem Enables or disables modem login to a control processor (CP)
386 setverbose Set verbosity level of the specified module
387 sfpshow Print Serial ID SFP information
388 shellflowcontroldisable Disable xon-xoff flow control on console serial port
389 shellflowcontrolenable Enable xon-xoff flow control on console serial port
390 sleep Linux sleep command
391 slotpoweroff Removes power from a slot.
392 slotpoweron Restores power to a slot.
393 slotshow Displays the status of all slots in the system.
394 snmpconfig Configure SNMP
395 snmpmibcapset Set options for configuring SNMP Mib/Trap Capability
396 snmpmibcapshow Show SNMP Mib/Trap Configuration
397 snmptraps Configure SNMP traps
398 spinfab Functional test of switch to switch ISL cabling and trunk group operation.
399 sshutil Configure SSH authentication options
400 statsclear Clear port and diagnostic statistics.
401 stopporttest Terminate the running porttest.
402 supportffdc Modifies or displays first-failure data capture (FFDC) configuration.
403 supportftp set support Ftp parameters
404 supportsave retrieve support data from switch to host
405 supportshow Prints switch information for debugging purposes.
406 supportshowcfgdisable Disables a group of commands under supportshow command.
407 supportshowcfgenable Enables a group of commands under supportshow command.
408 supportshowcfgshow Displays the groups of commands enabled for display. by the supportshow command.
409 switchbeacon Set switch beacon on or off
410 switchcfgpersistentdisable Persistently disable a switch
411 switchcfgpersistentenable Enable a persistently disabled switch
412 switchcfgspeed Configures all ports of the switch to a particular speed level
413 switchcfgtrunk Configure all ports on the switch for trunking
414 switchdisable Disable this switch
415 switchenable Enable this switch
416 switchname Print/set this switch’s name
417 switchshow Print switch and port status
418 switchstatuspolicyset Set policy parameters for overall switch status
419 switchstatuspolicyshow Print policy parameters for overall switch status
420 switchstatusshow Print overall switch status
421 switchuptime Display the amount of time for which the switch is up
422 switchviolation Display policy violations recorded in RAS log
423 syslogdfacility Change the syslog facility
424 syslogdipadd Add syslog daemon IP address
425 syslogdipremove Remove syslog daemon IP address
426 syslogdipshow Print the syslog daemon targets
427 sysmonitor Configure system memory usage monitor
428 sysshutdown Provides a graceful shutdown to protect the switch file systems
429 tempshow Print temperature readings
430 thconfig Configure Fabric Watch thresholds
431 timeout Set/show the IDLE timeout value for a login session
432 top Linux top command
433 topologyshow Display the unicast fabric topology
434 tracedump generate/remove trace dump or display trace dump status
435 trackchangeshelp Print Track Changes help info
436 trackchangesset Configure alert for login/logout/config update
437 trackchangesshow Displays status of track changes
438 trunkdebug Debug a trunk link failure
439 trunkshow Display trunking information
440 tsclockserver Displays or sets the NTP server address
441 tstimezone Displays or sets the time zone
442 turboramtest Turbo SRAM test for bloom ASICs.
443 uptime Print how long switch has been up
444 urouteconfig Configure a static route
445 urouteremove Remove a static route
446 urouteshow Display unicast routing information
447 usbstorage Manage USB storage device (available on Brocade Data Center Director only).
448 userconfig Display or configure user accounts
449 userrename Rename user login name
450 version Print firmware version
451 wwn Display or set the world wide name
452 wwnaddress Configure persistent PID assignments
453 zone Configure zone objects
454 zoneadd Add a member to a zone
455 zonecreate Create a zone
456 zonedelete Delete a zone
457 zonehelp Print zoning help info
458 zoneobjectcopy Copies a zone object
459 zoneobjectexpunge Expunges a zone object
460 zoneobjectrename Rename a zoning Object
461 zoneremove Remove a member from a zone
462 zoneshow Print zone information

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