How to enable dynamic tiering on DP pools in Hitachi VSP

  1. In the Storage System on the left pane of the top window, select Pool.
  2. From the Pools on right, select the pool you want to change to the Dynamic Tiering setting.
  3. Click More Actions & select Edit Pools.
  4. In edit pools, check Multi-Tier Pool.
  5. Select Enable from the Multi-Tier Pool
  6. Configure Dynamic Tiering:
    1. Select the Tier Management.
    2. Select Auto or Manual in the Tier Management field
    3. Go to Cycle Time list, select the cycle of tier relocation  & performance monitoring.
    4. Select the Monitoring Mode.
    5. Select Period or Continuous Mode.
    6. Select the Buffer Space for New page assignment.
    7. Give 0 – 50 as the percentage (%) in Buffer Space for New page assignment for each tier.
    8. Select the Buffer Space for Tier relocation.
    9. Allocate value, 2 – 40 % to set for each tier in Buffer Space for Tier relocation.
  7. Click Finish.
  8. In the Confirm window, click Apply.

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