How to remove a zone in cisco MDS SAN switches

Pre-requisites to remove a zone in Cisco Fabric

    • Collect active zoneset in VSAN. (sh zoneset active| inc zoneset)
    • Collect HBA WWPN details of the host.

Identify device-alias name of Host with WWPS

show device-alias pwwn XXXXXX

Identify the zone of device-alias

show zone member device-alias XXXXXXXXX

Once you get the details, please proceed to below

show zoneset active | grep -i zoneset

configure t
zoneset name XXXXXXXX vsan XX
no zone name XXXXXXX
show zone pending-diff
zoneset activate name XXXXXXXX vsan XX

zone name XXXXXXXX vsan XX
no member fcalias XXXXXXXXX
no member device-alias XXXXXXXXX
show zone pending-diff
zone commit vsan XX
copy run start

device-alias database
no device-alias name XXXXXXXXX pwwn XX:00:00:XX:b5:bb:XX:XX
sh device-alias pending-diff
device-alias commit
sh device-alias pending-diff

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