Brocade useful commands

alicreateCreate an alias name for connected WWPN
alishowShow alias details
aliaddTo add a new  WWPN to an existing alias name
aliremoveTo remove a member(WWPN) from alias
alideleteTo delete an alias name of WWPN
zonecreateto create zone between alias names or WWPNS
zoneshowTo show members/alias names in a particular zone
zoneaddTo add a member to an existing zone
zoneremoveTo remove a member from an existing zone
zonedeleteTo delete a zone (it removes the pairing between zone members)
zoneobjectcopyTo copy a zone object  to other location (alias WWPN, Zone)
cfgtransshowTo check current zoning transactions in buffer (which are not saved to cfg)
cfgtransabortTo cancel  current zoning transactions in buffer (which are not saved to cfg)
cfgactvshowIt shows effective zoning information
zoneobjectrenameTo rename zone object
zoneobjectexpungeTo delete a zone object from zoning database. removes zoning object from the member list of all other objects
nsaliasshowshows local name server information and the defined configuration aliases to which the device belongs
nsshow –t

nashow -r

Displays detailed information about devices connected

to this switch (Local Name Server)

nscamshowDisplays detailed information about devices connected
to all other switches in the fabric (Remote Name
nsallshowDisplays the 24-bit address of all devices in the fabric
nsallshow 5Displays all FCIP devices
nsallshow 8Display all FCP devices
nodefindTo check connectivity of the switch.
nszonememberIt shows the information of all online devices which are zoned

with the given device (WWN or PID)

nszonemember -uDisplays all unzoned devices in the entire fabric
nszonemember -aDisplays each local device’s online zoned data, including PID and zone alias.
nsstatshowThis command displays local Name Server statistical information.
nodefindTo check device connectivity and displays all device information
fcpingTo ping a wwpn
Portcfg rscnsupr “port-number” -enableStops RSCN on particular port
Portcfg rscnsupr “port-number” -disableStarts RSCN on particular port
portzoneshowDisplays zoning enforcement for each online device port on the local switch
httpcfgshowTo find required java version to run webtools in brocade
ipaddrsetto set or change IP address of a brocade switch
dateto check time and date of switch
cfgsizeto verify zone database size

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