How to do Zoning in Brocade switch

Pre requisites for performing zoning in Brocade Fabric

  • Collect the WWN of the host (server) which you want to zone.

Generally WWNs will be provided by OS/server administrators

  • Get the WWN of Storage port from Storage array

Choose the Storage port to which you want to Zone and get the WWN of port)


Once WWNs are collected check whether physical connectivity done properly.

Execute following command to check physical connectivity.

Switch_Name >nodefind “WWN”

If physical connection is proper it should give output with PID format address of port.

Now create alias for WWNs

Switch_Name >alicreate “SERVER_NAME_PORT_NO”,”WWN”

Verify the created alias

Switch_Name >alishow “SERVER_NAME_PORT_NO”

It gives the alias name with wwn

Select to which storage port you want to zone.

Switch_Name >zonecreate “SERVER_NAME_PORT_NO_storage_port”,”SERVER_NAME_PORT_NO; storage_port”

Verify created zone

Switch_Name >zoneshow “SERVER_NAME_PORT_NO_storage_port”

Add zone to effective configuration

Switch_Name >cfgadd “cfg_name”, “SERVER_NAME_PORT_NO_storage_port”

Now save the configuration

Switch_Name >cfgsave

To make changes effective enable configuration

Switch_Name >cfgenable “cfg_name”


  • alicreate “sun1disks”,”dis1wwpn;disk2wwpn;disk3wwpn”
  • alicreate “sun2disks”,”disk4wwpn;disk5wwpn;disk6wwpn”
  • alicreate “sun1hba”,”hbawwpn”
  • alicreate “sun2hba”,”hbawwpn”
  • zonecreate “sun1soft”,”sun1disks;sun1hba”
  • zonecreate “sun2soft”,”sun2disks;sun2hba”
  • cfgcreate “cfgsoft”,”sun1soft;sun2soft”
  • cfgsave
  • cfgenable “cfgsoft”
  • cfgshow


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