How to do zoning in Cisco MDS SAN switches

Pre-requisites to do zoning in Cisco Fabric

  • Collect the VSAN ID details and identify VSAN
  • Collect active zoneset in VSAN. (sh zoneset active| grep -i zoneset)
  • Collect WWPN details of the host.
  • Collect WWPN or alias names of storage ports to zone
  • Collect fcalias details if you use fcalias database
Take backup of existing configuration

Login to management host where you want to keep configuration backup.

ssh admin@"Switch01_IP/switch name" 'copy run start'
ssh admin@"Switch01_IP/switch name" 'show flogi database' > ssw01_flogi_da_21032021
ssh admin@"Switch01_IP/switch name" 'show device-alias database' > ssw01_device_da_21032021
ssh admin@"Switch01_IP/switch name" 'show dpvm database' > ssw01_dpvm_da_21032021
ssh admin@"Switch01_IP/switch name" 'show fcalias' > ssw01_fcalias_21032021
ssh admin@"Switch01_IP/switch name" 'show running-config’> ssw01_run_21032021
configure terminal
device-alias database
device-alias name “HOST_NAME” pwwn “21:00:00:00:00:00:00:00”
device-alias commit

configure terminal
zone name “ZONE_NAME” vsan “VSAN ID”
member fcalias “STORAGE PORT FCALIAS”
member device-alias “HOST_NAME”
show zone pending-diff

zoneset name “ZONESET_NAME” vsan “VSAN ID”
member “ZONE_NAME”
zoneset activate name “ZONESET_NAME” vsan “VSAN ID”
show zone pending-diff
zone commit vsan “VSAN ID”
show zone pending-diff
copy running-config startup-config
Verify Zoning
show zone member pwwn “HOST_WWPN”

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