Brocade ASIC family

ASIC stands for Application specific integrated circuit.

Brocade switches are differentiated into generations based on the ASICs used in the switch. Different ASICs are used in different generations. ASICs are responsible for in order frame delivery, routing, and moreā€¦.

Brocade ASICs are

  • Bloom and Bloom II
  • Condor
  • GoldenEye

Bloom and Bloom II

Bloom is the third generation ASIC
Bloom supports 8 ports per ASIC with speed 2Gbps
ISL Trunking is introduced in this generation.
It supports Frame Filtering


Condor is the fourth generation ASIC
Condor supports Thirty-two ports per ASIC with 4 Gbps
Enhanced trunking(8 port groups) is introduced in this generation.


GoldenEye is the same as Condor ASIC but Port per ASIC are scaled down to 24.
Features enhanced trunking (4 port groups)
Targeted for smaller platforms and embedded solutions.

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