How to create a Dynamic provisioning(DP) pool in Hitachi VSP

To create pools using Storage Navigator:

  1. In Storage Systems tree on the left pane, select Pool. The Pool window appears.
  2. Click on Create Pools. The Create Pools windows appears.
  3. From the Pool Type list, you select Dynamic Provisioning.
  4. From System Type list, select Open.
  5. From the Multi-Tier Pool field, please select Disable.
  6. And follow the steps below to select pool-VOLs.
    1. From Drive Type/RPM list, select hard disk drive type and RPM.
    2. From the RAID Level list, select RAID level.
    3. c. Click Select Pool VOLs. The Select Pool VOLs window appears.
    4. Go to Available Pool Volumes table, select the pool-VOL row to be associated to a pool, and then click Add. The selected pool-VOL is registered into the Selected Pool Volumes When adding external volumes, Cache Mode of the volumes to be added must be all set to enable, or all set to disable.
    5. Click OK. The information in the Selected Pool Volumes table is applied to Total Selected Pool Volumes and Total Selected Capacity.
  7. In the Pool Name text box, enter the pool name as follows: In the Prefix text box, enter the alphanumeric characters, which are fixed characters of the head of the pool name. The characters are case sensitive. In the Initial Number text box, type the initial number following the prefix name, which can be up to 9 digits. You can enter up to 32 characters, including the initial number.
  8. Click Options.
  9. In the Initial Pool ID text box, type the number of the initial pool ID, from 0-127.
  10. In the Subscription Limit text box, If it is blank, the subscription rate is set to unlimited.
  11. In the Warning Threshold text box, It is 1 -100%. The default value is 70%.
  12. In the Depletion Threshold text box, It is 1 -100%. The default value is 80%. value should be more than Warning Threshold.
  13. Click Add.
  14. Click Next. If Subscription Limit for all the created pool is set to 0%, the Create LDEVs window does not appear. To finish the wizard, click Finish. The Confirm window appears.
  15. In the Confirm window, click Apply.

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