Pure storage commands

Pure storage array commands

purearray listTo display the array name, serial no and firmware version details
purearray list –controllerTo list all the controllers connected to the Pure array. Also displays the model, status & firmware details of each controller.
purearray list –connectTo display remotely connected arrays.
purearray list –ntpserverTo display configured NTP server to sync system time
purearray list –spaceTo display the capacity usage information of the Pure device.
purealert listTo list all the active alerts in the Pure device.
purealert list –filter “severity=’critical'”To list all the alerts with severity :critical
puredrive listTo list all the flash disks in the device. This will also display the capacity of each flash module.
puredrive list –totalTo list all flash disks with total capacity
puredrive list CH1.BAY5To display information about specific flash drive (CH1 & BAY5 is mentioned as an example)
puredrive admitTo admit unadmitted flash drives.
purehgroup listTo list all hostgroups
purehgroup list –connectTo list all hostgroups with connected volumes
purehgroup list –connect HG01To list connected volumes to the host group HG01 (HG01 is mentioned as an example)
purehgroup list –spaceTo list all the hostgroups with the total capacity of connected volumes
purehost listTo list all hosts
purehost list –connectTo list all hosts with connected volumes
purehost list –connect HOST01To list connected volumes to the host HOST01 (HOST01 is mentioned as an example)
purehw listTo list hardware components
purehw list –specTo list hardware components with part number and serial number
purehw list –type bay –specTo list all the drive modules with part number & serial number
pureport listTo display all the target ports within the device.
pureport list –initiatorTo list all the host initiator WWNs & IQNs.
purevol listTo list all virtual volumes
purevol list –snapTo list all snaps
purevol list –spaceTo list all virtual volumes with size


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