Storage devices out of service maintenance

Storage Infra has recently partnered with Spectra Technologies to offer services in the greater India region. With our combined expertise, and parts distribution networks and strategic partnerships, we are able to service all major manufacturers of servers and storage.

Spectra has been in business over 40 years serving customer in the USA and abroad. Here is what our partnership between Storage Infra and means to you, our customers:

  1. Cost savings: Efficient supply chain delivery means less money spent on logistics and parts
  2. Expanded equipment coverage: Extensive Expertise in over 2 dozen manufacturers, including: EMC, NETAPP, HPE, HITACHI, PURE STORAGE, DELL, IBM , SUN ORACLE, FUJITSU, JUNIPER, CISCO, ARISTA, and more!
  3. SME (Subject Matter Expert) Escalation Engineers are always on call, ready to troubleshoot.
  4. Quicker response times. With engineers working around the clock, we are able to take service calls and dispatch parts/technicians quickly and efficiently.

If you are an MSP or retail service provider looking to expand your partnerships: we offer back-line (white label) service for you and your clients as well! We act as a branch of your organization. Your clients will be certain that they are dealing with your organization the entire way through the ticketing process.

For more information or to get a quote, please contact us

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