Brocade SAN Switch port states

The possible brocade Switch port states are

Port State Description
No Card No card is present in Switch slot. Usually we find this port state in Director class switches
No_Module No SFP module in slot
No_Light The module is not receiving light
No_Sync Module is receiving light but out of sync
In_Sync Module is receiving light and is in sync.

Copper displays In_sync

Fibre display online

Laser_Flt The module is signaling a laser fault

Defective GBIC/SFP

Port_Flt Port has been marked faulty

Defective GBIC, SFP, cable or device

Daig_Flt The port is failed diagnostics

Defective G-port, FL port card or motherboard

Online Port is up and running
Lock_Ref The port is locking to the reference signal
Testing Running Diagnostics


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