Failed drive replacement in HP 3PAR

Replace failed HDD in 3par storage F00/T200/7200/7400

Check for failed disk in HP 3PAR. Collect disk Id and cage details. Verify capacity

#showpd -failed -degraded
3PARstorage cli% showpd -failed -degraded

                           -Size(MB)-- ----Ports----

Id Cage Pos Type RPM State   Total Free A     B     Cap (GB)

22 0:8:0? FC   10 failed 417792   0 ----- -----     450


 1 total                  417792   0

Check if servicemag is running on disk.

#servicemag status
3PARstorage cli% servicemag status

Cage 0, magazine 8:

The magazine is successfully brought offline by a servicemag start command.

The command completed Thu Jul 10 20:07:03 2014.

servicemag start -pdid 22 – Succeeded

Make sure no data left on drive

#showpd -space “diskID”
3PARstorage cli% showpd –space 22

Id CagePos Type -State-   Size Volume Spare Free Unavail Failed

22 0:8:0? FC   failed 417792     0                 0     0          0         417792


1 total                        417792     0            0   0          0        417792

If data present on disk, please evacuate it.

#servicemag start -pdid “diskID(22)

Once evacuation is completed, Replace the physical disk.
Verify rebuilding process

#servicemag status
3PARstorage cli% servicemag status

Cage 0, magazine 8:

The magazine is being brought online due to a- servicemag resume.

The last status update was at Thu Jun 26 12:09:19 2014.

Chunklets relocated: 73 in 50 minutes and 34 seconds

Chunklets remaining: 400

Chunklets marked for moving: 400

Estimated time for relocation completion based on 53 seconds per chunklet is: 6hours, 03 minutes and 38 seconds

Once completed, check the status

#showpd -status
3PARstorage cli% showpd -state

Id CagePos Type -State- --------------------Detailed_State---------------------

43 2:5:0   FC   normal normal

44 2:6:0   FC   normal normal

45 2:7:0   FC   normal normal

46 2:8:0 FC   normal normal

47 2:9:0   FC   normal normal

PD Degraded missing port issue on HPE 3PAR StoreServ 7000&8000

Check physical disk status

#showpd -s

If status is missing port,
Check the servicemag status and make sure no service is running on disk.

#servicemag status -d

Disable allocation of data on disk.

#setpd ldalloc off “diskID”

Reset missing port on disk

#cgcmd -tc tty -C cage”cageID” -c resetdrive “diskID” -p a|b (port a or b)

Verify of port is online


Once port is online, enable allocation of data.

#setpd ldalloc on “diskID”

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