Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) Specifications

Architecture Hitachi Hierarchical Star Network
Maximum internal capacity 2.5PB
Maximum internal and external capacity 255PB
Maximum number of logical volumes 65,280
Cache memory capacity Minimum 128GB
Maximum 1TB
Cache flash memory capacity Minimum 64 GB
Maximum 512 GB
Maximum front end ports (Host interfaces) Fibre Channel 192
FCoE 88
Supported RIAD levels RAID 1 2D+2D, 4D+4D
RAID 5 3D+1P, 7D+1P
RAID 6 6D+2P
Aggregate Bandwidth 192 GBps
Minimum to¬† maximum physical drives 2.5″ 0-2048
3.5″ 0-1280
Maximum number of flash drives 256
Backend ports 6Gbps SAS
Maximum volume size 60TB

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